Blood-thirsty vampire,
Scavenging the night streets,
Hunting for kill...
Wii you be the next victim?


there's nothing wrong with my name.
If you think you know me, read my blog and think again.
I'm imperfect and I'm Lovin' It.
I'm the only witness and the only person who can judge my life.

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Tuesday, November 3, 2009
2:41 AM

Leng Zai huh... Well juz 2 make an announcement... I can actually pass off as a guy now... Not that it's a big achievement really... But stilll...
you might not know why i'm elated...
well, it doesn't matter reli...
It a started when I was ordering my food...
The guy turned 2 me and said
" Leng Zai, what u want 2 order?"
And my mom stared at him for a very loooooooong time...

Friday, October 23, 2009
5:21 AM

5:17 AM

Sucked into a void of darkness,
Devoid of all emotions,
Does it matter?

Friday, August 21, 2009
8:40 PM

Shrouded in mystery,
forbidding yet alluring...
could it end all misery?

Sunday, August 2, 2009
1:57 AM

Clare's B'day party yesterday...

Well, more like last night actually...

Me , Vanilla n Chrystine tumpang-ed

her car after school...

Since we were early, we helped to fill up

the water balloons...

Or, more appropriately,

wetting the kitchen,


*Games we played*

We played fruit salad,
Everybody was given the name of a random fruit,

It's kindof like musical chairs...

~SOrry, details not available~

Then, We had to pick some random numbers,

Clare made drinks with the numbers (secret ingredients)

AND made us guess what it was...

There were 2 bodyguards guarding the kitchen,

Armed with the balloon pump,

~Not to Mention, stuffed with a lollipop~

It didn't taste that bad, actually

A guy from the other group loved the drink

SOoooo much, he actually finished it....

Last, but not least, we played water balloon...

Half of the balloons that we filled burst...


Haizzz... the boys were all chickens,

running all over the house and hiding,

Just so they would not get drenched...

At least, their shoes were dripping...


Clare received a huge mountain of presents...

She received this...

Vanilla gave it to her...
She also got a L necklace,
photo album,
La corda secondo Passo,
a wallet, an anklet,
Thank you, Clare's mom,
the food you made were delicious!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009
11:49 PM

The blade with the studded hilt
Sliced through her skin,
Causing blood to trickle down her severed wrist,
Leaving a gaping wound, never to recover...
The pain seeped into her,
pulsating through her veins,
She felt it not...
tremendously relieved,
was what she felt,
For, just then,
In that fleeting moment,
The throbbing numbness was rid...
The ticking clock halted
as it struck twelve,
Marking her solitary death...

12:53 AM

Some things change,
Some things don't,
People change,
But this fact won't...